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Reliable Process. Viable Cells.

The Sorterra System is intended to isolate and concentrate cells from peripheral blood to be used in research and development and clinical research labs.  When you’re processing whole blood samples from early-stage to clinical research, success depends on maximizing the number of cells. Drive your cell sorting success with our SorterraTM automated microfluidic platform. SorterraTM helps you achieve key insights with:

Cell Quality

Maintain cell viability with a gentle microfluidic approach


Go from sample to cell isolate rapidly — without compromising quality

Ease of Use

Reduce operator error with an intuitive touchscreen that simplifies sample processing


Minimize site and operator variability and achieve high-quality data

Capture more viable cells than ever before — without the anxiety.

See our stress-free technology.



The Sorterra System is for laboratory use only.  Unless the user has obtained advance clearance or approval from the appropriate regulatory agency, cells processed on the system are not intended for diagnostic purposes or for use in the production of therapeutic products or vaccines for clinical use.  For applications requiring regulatory clearance or approval, users may request the required technical documentation from MicroMedicine to support their submissions.