Delivering More Cells and Less Stress

With deep roots at Massachusetts General Hospital, MicroMedicine’s leading researchers and physicians have decades of experience isolating target cells. Passionate and purpose driven, we question what exists and strive to create what should exist. As medical, technological, and bioengineering experts, we saw an opportunity to leverage microfluidics, a technology originally designed to process very small volumes of fluid (e.g., microliters, nanoliters), for large-scale (milliliters) cell separation.

Our team focuses on developing easy-to-use, automated microfluidic technologies that deliver the results you need: greater consistency, higher yield, and improved efficiency.

We’ve made it our life’s work to innovate novel cell isolation products that help you achieve new insights into disease states, advancing clinical diagnostics, cellular therapy, and life sciences for better research and patient outcomes. Our experience and groundbreaking technology will set you on your path to success.


Our investors’ commitment to and confidence in our team and technology are a keystone to our success. OYAK, established in 1961, is the first and largest private pension fund in Turkey and a leading holding group with long-term strategic investments across the globe.

Board of Directors

Arda Kaan Alpman


Gurkan Cankurt


Ravi Kapur


Bahadir Koyuncu


Mehmet Toner

Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital