MicroMedicine and Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to our global community. At MicroMedicine, we are taking responsibility to help “flatten the curve” of infection transmission seriously. As a result, and in keeping with public guidances, we have implemented the following steps:

Supporting Our Employees:

  • We have implemented remote and flexible work arrangements for the time being to reflect Massachusetts and national guidance to support staff dealing with school closures and family care.
  • For employees who remain onsite to ensure continuity of support for our collaborators and customers, safety precautions are in place to maintain a safe and healthy workplace in keeping with the latest advisories.

Supporting Customers and Collaborators:

  • We are working to mitigate potential risks to product supplies so that we can continue to meet the needs of customers and collaborators.
  • We are continuing our development projects as we work to expand our application set.
  • We are leveraging technology and a rich set of product support videos to provide virtual product demonstrations, training, and technical support.
  • Our customer support and service lines remain open.

Supporting the Research Community:

Our newly commercial Sorterra™ system is a fully validated, Class I / CE marked approach to quickly, efficiently, and scalably isolate a pure and viable collection of all the white blood cells (lymphocytes, monocytes, granulocytes) from peripheral blood.  While sheltering in place has interrupted everyone’s critical lab work, we can virtually share relevant performance and functional data (see our recently posted webinar) and have the capability to deliver in-depth remote demonstrations.  If you think Sorterra™ can ease or accelerate your research within the coronavirus space or other therapeutic areas, please send a note to Rav Sheth at rav@micromedicine.com.


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